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I have 4 years of Self-taught Experience selling on Etsy as my family's Full-time Business. 
I have 16,500+ Sales worth of Experience in Developing an Etsy Shop that makes Real Money. 

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been designing and producing personalized art prints and custom illustrations on Etsy for folks all over the world. The Near & Dear Collection has been wildly successful with 16,000+ sales and growing every day. Each and every order is individually designed by yours truly, printed, packaged, matted, framed and shipped from my home studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

Back in 2011, after doing much research on keywords, tags, how Etsy search functions worked and carefully preparing my product description, I finally started listing products. And as I was setting up the initial listings, one sold right out from under me! Sure to be a good sign, right? The collection quickly grew from my own ideas and custom requests and within 2 months I was taking so many orders it became next to impossible to balance my day job. It was apparent that I had a decision to make.

So, I quit my day job and went full steam ahead! I left my cushy in-house graphic design position, complete with cubicle and all. Three months into running my Etsy shop full­-time, from home, I received an email from Us Weekly magazine that they featured one of my designs in their Valentine Gift Guide and the issue was due to hit stores a week before the holiday. To be honest, I didn’t think too much of it. In fact, I wasn’t even sure it was real. Oh, but it was… The magazine hit store shelves and it must have been just the right product at just the right time because we sold 923 personalized art prints that month. Yes, you read that right. The next six months to follow we sold 2,394 and by the end of the year we had sold 4,785 unique pieces of art that year. WHOA! It was seriously the most beautiful and stressful time ever! My husband and I worked day and night to get those orders out the door. It was that year my husband also left his day job to work in my studio handling shipping and receiving as well as customer service... and he hasn't looked back since.

Further opportunities for publicity followed throughout the years and I've been included in multiple Good Housekeeping gift guides, I've been featured on Style Me Pretty, MSNliving, Cleveland Magazine and many popular design and lifestyle blogs such as Apartment Therapy and the Huffington Post. My most recent Family Portraits were featured in Etsy Finds december email. Business remained steady and with years of hard work, sleepless nights, lots of coffee and our lives primarily revolving around Etsy, Etsy, Etsy.... two years later, we purchased a home and tripled our studio space as a direct result of our combined efforts. It really has been a dream come true!

My Etsy shop has grown with every twist, turn and bump in the road imaginable. Etsy has made a lot of changes over the past four years and so have I. I've grown with Etsy and have been ale to build a successful brand with high customer retention, lots of word-of-mouth referrals and over 2,000 5-star reviews attesting to my professionalism, attentive customer service and high quality product. Most recently I have licensed a curated group of designs from The Near & Dear Collectionthrough my art agency A Fresh Bunch, and are currently for sale in the Joss and Main Express Yourself collection.



It's true! As of Spring, 2015, I will be opening up myself and my Etsy expertise to anyone who would like to improve their already up and running Etsy shop! I'll be honest here... as much as I love what I do, I'm in need of a change of pace. I get all nerdy about Etsy and "talking shop" which means I can be your best friend, or worst nightmare, at a dinner party... So, I just can't think of anything else that excites me more than "talking shop" with you - YOUR products, YOUR Etsy shop! I believe I have valuable experience to share and I'm very excited to dive into your shop and discuss your Etsy shop! Below is a break down of the different ways we can work together to help your Etsy shop get some action. 

Now, I feel I must tell you, that I am only qualified to discuss these topics because I've spent years living them and profiting from my knowledge of them. Any advice is purely from my point of view, drawing on my past experiences. I cannot guarantee you sales, although I'm confident they will follow. I cannot guarantee the ability to quit your day job or even features and publicity. However, I do promise you a full review of your Etsy shop, a list of tips and tricks to increase traffic and suggestions for expanding your product variations to add more listings. I can help you think through your products from a different point of view. I can help you fill in the gaps and brainstorm future growth and changes. If you implement my suggestions, and put in the hard work, you will come away with a plan for a full comprehensive Etsy shop that will draw more traffic and get more attention. And if I don't think I can help, I'll refund your money. Plain and simple.

Personalized Etsy Shop Review
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Personalized Etsy Shop Review

Good question! I have developed a 10-Point checklist of the topics which I feel will give you a comprehensive Etsy shop review. Looking at YOUR shop and YOUR products, I'll complete the checklist with notes that touch upon what's working and what's not for each topic, giving you my thoughts and suggestions along the way. Then, I'll walk you through the checklist with a private screenscast so you can follow along!

Topics of Discussion will Include (but are not limited to):

  • Shop Overview

  • Shop Title

  • Shop Announcement

  • Photography and additional image suggestions

  • Titles and keywords

  • Tags

  • Product Descriptions

  • Shop Sections

  • Policies

  • About page

This package will include a copy of a completed checklist giving you a format and plan to implement changes AND a private screencast where I will walk you through the checklist point by point in YOUR shop, looking at YOUR products. Both are available for you to download and save for future reference.

Custom Etsy Business Consultation
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Custom Etsy Business Consultation

After you've had a chance to implement the action items I've laid out for you in our initial shop review, let's really get down and dirty and talk specifics about your business. Let's discuss where you are at, what you're goals are and the different roads to reaching them. Let's discuss branding, marketing and publicity. Let's discuss your social media content and online presence in the world to ensure that you are consistent and ready to see and accept growth.

  • Brand Consistency
  • Additional Photography and Image suggestions
  • About Photos - what to show - what not to show
  • Additional variations
  • Additional packaging inserts to gain repeat business
  • How to get publicity

Good question! A Personalized Etsy Shop Review is required in order to purchase an Etsy Business Consultation. After you've gone through your checklist from the Personalized Etsy shop review and implemented my suggestions to the best of your brain power, let's chat about it!

Do you have specific questions? Would you like another point of view on your keywords and tags now that you've worked your magic? Do you want to go deeper into your marketing and how you can expand your reach? Of course, you do! We'll start with a questionnaire about your business - covering topics regarding your off-Etsy presence through your future goals - with a place to give me a heads up on the specific questions you'd like to address. This package includes a personalized one-on-one skype or Google hangout chat were we will discuss your products and your shop in depth. Typical calls last about 45min and are followed up with a PDF of additional resources to the points we've discussed.

Personalized Etsy Brand Package
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Custom Etsy Brand Business Package

As you know, design will most definitely make (or god-forbid break!) your products and business. That's why it's imperative that the branding in your shop is not only consistent, but well thought out and planned with intent. When I work with clients on their shop branding, I start by focusing on what’s working for them, cutting out everything that is not, and then together we work to top of it all off so your brand looks as if it's grown and matured - not changed faces all together. (Unless you want a new face, I can do that too!)

Your Custom Branded Etsy shop package will include:

  • A comprehensive review of your current branding
  • We will discuss your Brand Consistency - what's working for you and what's not

I will then custom design for you the following items as needed:

  • a New Banner
  • a New Logo
  • a set of Business Cards
  • Product Labels
  • 1 Product Postcard
  • a set of Thank You notes

Good question! A Personalized Etsy Shop Review is required in order to purchase an Etsy Business Consultation. After you've gone through your checklist from the Personalized Etsy shop review and implemented my suggestions to the best of your brain power, let's outfit your shop with a whole new wardrobe and tie up all those branding loose ends. All final design files will be given to you as print-ready PDF's, web-ready PNG's and the font files for your future branding pleasure. You will need to source your own printing - but I'm happy to provide a list of references to make it as easy as possible.

All products are digital - there is no physical item sold.